The DAO System

2 min readJul 12, 2022

Diolauch’s incubation model derives from community-driven selection processes paired with category-based feedback loops linked to DAO voting mechanisms and systems of expertise-based engagement programs.

While projects are decentralized, methodological approaches must be profound to create an environment in which projects are fully supported at all levels. Therefore, selection to the incubator via on-chain community voting is only the first step in the journey. The biggest benefit of the Diolaunch community is helping them launch products and services through feedback loops that lead to brand status success; projects their future communities would love to be involved in and support. To unlock the full potential of the projects selected for the Diolaunch incubator, subcategorized expertise-based community engagement programs will be at the heart of our program.

Our mechanisms aim to get very detailed and professional advice from experts in the field so that projects can get the right feedback from the right people rather than general feedback. To enable this collaborative coalition between project teams and experts in our community, Diolaunch will have advanced reward mechanisms. Thus, experts in marketing, UX, smart contract development, tokenomics, DAO architecture, community building and other fields important to blockchain innovations will be able to join our community programs in their spare time to assist with other projects and meanwhile they will win prize coins.

From this joint coalition, entrepreneurs and innovators will receive the support they need to develop “blockchain market ready” products and services, receive feedback in many key areas, and develop their projects in ways that are much more appropriate for the larger blockchain community and benefit from their products and services. Throughout this whitepaper, we’ll take a deeper look at how our community engagement programs work and how reward mechanisms work to encourage category-based expert feedback loops.