About The Process

3 min readFeb 26, 2022


Dear community,

as promised we would come up with an extensive update regarding the project and everything we have been working on in the past weeks after the seed and private sale.

This update message can simply be divided into a number of topics:

- Product development
- Launchpad negotiations & process duration
- IDO date

In the past few weeks we have been busy working on the product itself, focusing on both the UX/UI and frontend; as well as the back-end and smart contract developments around the platform.

Soon we will be presenting the first sneak-peaks of the platform itself and its frontend to you in the coming weeks.

In addition, we have concretely completed the following on the product development side:

1. The smart contracts are currently being deployed in the test environment.
2. Product team has completed its kick-off stage and has now worked out a clear roadmap (more updates to come with a white-paper update).
3. The process flows and tech stack have been further developed, think of the linking of wallets, KYC, storage of the funds, execution of orders, various payment integrations etc.
4. Mock-up of the prototype is currently being developed.

In short, we have worked hard in this area and we are excited to be able to present the estimated date of the first demo version further on in this post.

Besides product development, we have been talking to a large number of launch pads, from better-known names in the space to the smaller newer players in the market. We will be giving more updates on our social media soon.

One of the most frequently asked questions of the last couple of days within the community is mainly about the IDO date of the Diolaunch. It has not escaped anyone’s attention that the market is currently not looking too bullish for most people, unfortunately despite our vision of not letting the success of our launch depend on market sentiment it is often a very positive catalyst for the success factor of an IDO. Because we are currently in these market conditions, we have decided to extend the entire planning of the process towards the IDO and above all not to rush it, and we have also decided to launch the follow-up of the first demo version shorter after the IDO.

Mainly due to the latter, with a tentative demo date in 2 months, we are targeting to schedule the IDO in 3 months. Currently, we hope to be able to fill in the concrete date with our team.

During this process, we will work full time to expand the social media and network of the project.

For now we hope that this message has made you a little wiser about the way our team works and gives you a general update on the project.

-Diolaunch Team